Environmental Affairs Panel Meeting 24 Feb 2014

There has been much debate in recent weeks about the Government’s plans for landfill extensions and plans to construct one or more large incinerator to tackle Hong Kong’s municipal waste problem. We are aware of a study tour to Europe planned for early March to review options in light of the widespread public opposition to both incinerators and landfill extensions.


It was a surprise therefore to read the Lai See column in the SCMP on 28 Jan 2014 that suggests Government is to seek funding for its plans even before the study tour takes place.

If correct it seems to us that the Government is treating Legco with contempt by seeking funding for projects on 24th February that could radically change as a result of a Government sponsored fact finding trip in March. Clearly the fact finding trip is a waste of public money unless the Government is genuine and is willing to change it’s plans once the facts have been found!

We would hope all Legco members are offended by such a lack of common courtesy and will reject all requests made on 24th February and insist on a full report after the fact finding trip, if possible an independent Legco report rather than one from EPD who continue to ignore the many alternative ideas proposed by concern groups and enlightened individuals.

We urge all Legco members attend the meeting on 24th and be a voice of reason by rejecting premature requests for funding.