Submissions due by 23 May for rezoning application to the TPB

The supplementary information provided by IWMAG to the Town Planning Board application Y/I-SKC/1 has now been notified and is open for public comment until 23 May.

We urge you to send in letters supporting this updated submission which takes into account the original responses by both the public and the government departments. You can read the IWMAG cover letter and IWMAG supplementary information response which includes a response to each of the government department concerns.

The core of the submission still remains to provide space, via 4 locations on or near existing landfills sites around Hong Kong (that do not require reclamation), for truly Integrated Waste Management Facilities that can be designed to focus on waste sorting and recycling the majority of the Municipal Solid Waste (MSW).

The current proposal by the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) which is being presented to LegCo by the Environment Bureau (and if approved) will only be able to handle approximately 30% of HK’s MSW and does not even contain facilities suitable to sort that 30% of MSW before being incinerated.

We have prepared an email template to assist you in making a submission before 23 May to the Town Planning Board.  Feel free to modify the template and also share with your network.

Click here to open up the email template or see other options for making a submission.