There are many questions that people ask about how Hong Kong is treating it’s Waste and what plans there are for the future.  Here you will find links to some key information that will hopefully help you to participate in the discussion that hopefully will lead to the Hong Kong Government developing a comprehensive, truly integrated waste management (IWM) system for the whole of Hong Kong.

Q) What is the Hong Kong Government currently planning?
A) The EPD website provides a summary (www.epd.gov.hk) with many documents though a good starting point is to read the “Blueprint for Sustainable Use of Resources 2013-2022

Q) What were the earlier plans proposed by the Government?
A) Read “A Policy Framework for the Management of Municipal Solid Waste (2005-2014)

Q) Is the Hong Kong Government planning to use Waste-to-Energy MSW treatment technologies?
A) Yes, the current plan is for a “super” incinerator on a reclamation area near the island of Shek Kwu Chau (SKC).

Q) Has the Hong Kong Government considered other sites?
A) Yes, though have a quick look at their information to see if you think they have chosen the  best location.