Our request to you: Make a Submission before 20 Dec

The Challenge:
While IWMAG totally support the vision set out in “The Blueprint” the solutions proposed by the EPD are inadequate to properly address the problem.

A New Approach:
Instead of primarily relying on extending existing landfills and the construction of a large incinerator on future reclamation IWMAG has taken a fresh look at the problem.  An independent, objective, professional assessment conducted concludes that compared with the Government’s plans, the IWMAG proposal is better in terms of site selection, timing and economics.

Your Opportunity:
Help solve the challenge Hong Kong faces in dealing with municipal solid waste with a few short steps:

  1. Read the brochure (English or Chinese) for an overview (and the full submission for more details)
  2. Make a submission (now) to the Town Planning Board before 20 Dec 2013
  3. Share this site with your network and ask them to make a submission

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